New Here?

New Here

First of all welcome! If you are new to making money online and need some help then this is the perfect place to start.

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Let’s get started

I have a couple of questions to ask you first of all

Q. What do you want to achieve from Marketing From Scratch?

A. If you are here its most likely you would like to know about making money online and how that can be done?

Q. Do you or would you like to have a blog like this one?

A. If you would like to have a blog like this one, then I guess you are serious about giving making money online a try.

That’s great news

1. Take a look at the Bloggers Roadmap and get started today.

2. I have compiled a video tutorial for you to get you started with your first blog online within 5 minutes. Check it out below:

Video 1Domain Registration and Hosting

Important Links:

Great hosting from Blue Host Hosting

Video 2Installing WordPress with Cpanel

I hope you liked the tutorials, they were on me 😉

Having a blog online gives you instant internet status and is your gateway to the blogging world. Post on your blog your thoughts your plans, your success and your failures and let the world know who you are. I’m sure you are going to have a lot of fun!

Q. Do you have your own eBook product or free report to advertise?

A. If not go HERE and I will show you exactly how to create one. By using this special promotional code – wsodom you have special access to a $47 10 step video course to help you.

eBooks and reports are essential, you need to know how to write eBooks and reports for sale and giveaway. A blog and a free report are the first steps to building your mailing list and this is where you start!

I have taken the time to produce some great tutorials and articles from this blog which you will find more than handy to you succeed in your journey online. The articles below will be a great help to your success. Check them out after you check out the blog videos and the eBook Cycle videos above..

Some good article reading

Important survival lesson – Do Some Marketers Purposely Prey on the Newbie

Create better posts – Do You Blog in all Formats

Internet marketing is not all about making money- 10 Ways to Stay Focused

Headlines are everything, they create appeal and open rates – 50 Awesome Headlines That will Make you a Legend

Please remember if you need anything simply get in touch or comment below and I will be glad to help!